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What is the Hashrate Guarantee?
What is the Hashrate Guarantee?
Updated over a week ago

Introducing Crypto Caverns Hashrate Guarantee. Crypto Caverns is so confident in the quality of our services that we are putting our money where our mouth is.

Now when you host cryptocurrency mining equipment with Crypto Caverns we will pool your machine with many others including our own equipment. We will then deliver you your expected hashrate based on your model (see here) minus a 2% fee. From this point, if your machine goes down for any reason during the normal course of business (for maintenance, repairs, or even hashboard failures) you will continue to receive your exact hashrate and will not notice any difference while we repair your machine and work to get it back online.

Many of our competitors charge for routine repairs and maintenance and often take weeks or months to get your machines back online and we are determined to stand out. So now we will be actively supporting your machines with our own so that you can rest assured that we are fixing your machines as fast as we can and keeping them in the same condition as we keep our own.

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