Can I mine at home?

What is needed to mine at home?

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Modern mining rigs are industrial equipment, loud, and can often occupy or exceed the ratings for home breakers and circuits. It's also imperative to use proper gauge and length cords from the outlet to the machine to prevent fire. If you choose to have your equipment shipped to your home please check with a licensed electrician in your area to ensure that you can run them safely.

Other considerations include:

  • Space: Equipment is large and heavy and aside from the footprint of the machine itself, additional space for the support of cooling and electrical conduit must be considered.

  • Heat: Mining of any kind produces heat which must be moved or removed with high volume circulation of outdoor air or cooling systems which require additional space and heat. Temperatures must always be monitored to prevent damage to equipment or fire.

  • Noise: The activity of mining itself is silent but the fans required to cool each device are 50dB+ and rarely enjoyable to live near without sufficient dampening. A large enough home operation may violate local sound ordinances.

  • Connectivity: While mining requires little bandwidth and standard home internet connections are capable, redundancy to prevent downtime can be complex.

  • Maintenance: Dust must be cleaned regularly to prevent heat, as well as monitoring the performance of each board in the device to ensure no issues. Regular software updates are required for GPU miners as well.

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