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Mining with Crypto Caverns
Getting Started with Crypto Caverns
Getting Started with Crypto Caverns

Learn how hosting at Crypto Caverns works and what happens when you buy and host with us.

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We're happy to have you! Wondering what your journey with Crypto Caverns will look like? We try to keep it simple:

  1. First, make sure you've done your research and selected the right equipment.

  2. When you're ready to make a purchase, checkout and pay for your order. You'll be able to select your coin and payout address during checkout, if you've purchased multiple kinds of rigs simply update their addresses in your account dashboard after purchase.

  3. Within 30 days we will have your rig online and mining. Monitor your equipment's activity and payouts on your account dashboard. Unless you have prepaid for electricity, your electrical costs are deducted from your mining activity. Customers who have prepaid electricity will be able to continue mining even when mining is not profitable, customers who have it deducted will be turned offline whenever their electrical costs are greater than their mining earnings.

  4. All maintenance is handled transparently by us and downtime is automatically backed by our Hashrate Guarantee. You will not receive a bill from us for any repairs at any time.

  5. When your annual hosting contract is up, you may choose to renew your contract with us for a small fee, have your rig shipped to you or another location, or sell your rig back to us.

That's essentially the whole process. Still have questions? Open a chat with us and ask away!

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