Choosing the Right Equipment

Picking the Right Rig, How to Select and Evaluate Miners

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Crypto Caverns sells and hosts many types of cryptocurrency mining equipment. It's important to know the details of the equipment you are buying and of the coins you are trying to mine with them. Here are some of the important features to look at:

  • Algorithm Support: First and most importantly, research which cryptocurrency you are trying to mine. Different types of mining rigs are built to mine different types of coins. ASIC miners mine only one type of algorithm, GPU rigs may mine many. These will look like SHA-256, KowPow, EtcHash and many others. If you're not sure if your coin can be mined by a particular kind of rig, just ask!

  • Hashrate: This is measured in H/s, KH/s, MH/s, TH/s, etc and is the effective output of your equipment and will determine how many coins you will mine when gauged vs the coin's current difficulty. Every coin will have it's own block reward and emissions schedule, as well as changing network difficulty. The same mining rig may mine different algorithms at different speeds as well and hashrates my vary by orders of magnitude but do not necessarily indicate a difference in power consumption or rewards.

  • Power Consumption & Efficiency: A large part of your costs as a miner come from electricity consumption, measured in kW. Additionally, each model of miner will have it's own output from potentially similar consumption. Typically, newer more expensive miners are more efficient but it's important to do your calculations to see if the model the efficiency you are looking for over your desired length of ownership.

  • Price: At Crypto Caverns, your sticker price is the cost of the unit and the first year of hosting. All repairs and maintenance are included with your hosting arrangement, with no hidden fees. We are proud of our standardized hosting that makes calculations easier for rig owners!

There may be more factors to consider based upon your individual situation, so please think carefully about mining and miner ownership!

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